Reality Juggler

left over of 2014

Journal 42

2015 has arrived (confetti, fireworks and other sounds on the back ground). As usual no resolution has been made and won’t be made, because I stopped making them 3 years ago. But.. I’ve learnt a lot last year. Especially the last 6 months. My achievement… I have a bagline!!!!! I am somehow acknowledge, slowly by the industry that I am working in. Unfortunately not my company. Not a book.. yet. No relation ship or something like it. I felt healthier last year due to eating almost right and adding days in exercise. Yes… collapsed couple of times, but that’s due to my own mistakes. I’d be in a hospital perhaps, if it wasn’t because of eating right. Last year also I met with many random and interesting people. Their thoughts somehow are fascinating. Found several close friends whom nowadays become the people that’s influencing enough. Amazing how they filled my life with laughter and lots of slaps in the face.

Indonesia has a new president with a different perspective and willing to work to build this country. Something I’m really looking forward in the next 5 years. Several unfortunate things happened, not just in Indonesia.. but also the world. I still can’t believe Peshawar happened and recent airplane crash.

Since bagline is on, most of 2015 will probably about it and, of course, get more money to invest in it. Probably will try my ‘new passion’ into something. At the end of 2014, looked like or sounded like my company started to ‘notice’ me. But.. I don’t know, just have to wait and see whether it’s true or not. It’s not the first time, they said such. It won’t change my work ethic and focus, but several things will be adjusted due to company policy. I’m just playing their games.

Eating almost healthy will still be continued and so will exercise. I need to have 20 something strength. I thing I need to dance more… so..salsa class will be more than 1x a week. I should also add sisters and friends time. Ow… and avoid stupid fights and arguments with the sisters. To be out of love… and hopefully someone will just care about me and want to be with me. I used to be alone, but this time.. I just.. don’t want to be alone.

Expanding the donation thingy with the high schooler. I just realized that we haven’t done enough for the teachers. They are (were) some of the people that influenced and made me and my friends life until this day. An organization asked me to join them and I think it’s about time for me to get back to organization as well.

Ticking my travel bucket list. Goal.. 2 ticks. Hhahahaaa… we’ll see though.One of the travel list is to have, what I call, journey to emancipation. To visit Kartini’s grave and her house. To thank her for everything. She has always been my inspiration. The other tick is to see my grandparents from my dad, with my dad. If succeeded with the last one, I will probably pass what my other brain asked me to since a very long time.

Gina’s wedding MC!!! That will be the biggest gig. Ever.

Hmmm… those sounds like resolutions. Or actually… I always have resolutions. But never write it in a piece of paper. It is always in my mind and I just do it.


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