to respect or disrespect

Journal 41

Equality of gender. Emancipation. The word female will definitely the first word that come in mind afterward. From equality in work environment, treatment and chances, including decisions. Some female embrace it, some take advantage of it.

Mr. Vice President made an announcement about working hours for female will be reduced up until 2 hours. Specifically mothers and pregnant female. Most of my female friends were cheering, I did not. I question my self, why? Another option that’s in their discussion is to have flexible time for females.

His reason is for female to have quality time with their family, in terms of nurturing and educating her children, so they can be nation’s greatest when they grow up. As much as flattering it sounds, because it is trusted more to female in children’s education, but isn’t males also have responsibility in it? Why it is only applied to females? I heard stories about children growing up not as expected as what their parents want or leading towards destructive life or into negative path, most likely their parents would be blamed for unable to educate them. Most likely the mothers. Why most likely mothers to be blamed?

Being born as a female is amazing. Being able to carry a life, then raise it into a human is probably amazing. Only female able to carry it. Something that I am excited about in the future. But to bring a life in a female womb also takes man’s effort as well. Yes, delivering a life into the world for female is like facing death (as it is written as well in Qur’an). While the embryo growing inside her, the internal bond between them are special. Indescribable. This gives female privileges. As a gender. As a human.

Those privileges for females mostly treat and help them to make several things easy. I mean, ladies parking is the best on the week-end. Although reducing female working hours is still in discussion, pros and cons arise already. My self is amongst the cons.

Female turning investment point would decrease significantly that would lead to discrimination. Even today in Indonesia females still struggle with constant discrimination, when the regulation applied, discrimination would go up drastically. Not to mention, your status and capabilities would be in question mark if you’re a female. When you’re applying for a job, your CV and capabilities would be looked at last. Meanwhile you know you’re the right person for that position.

For a single mother (divorced or widowed), it would effect her career, therefore financial. How would she provide her children with a proper education, meals and living if society would judge her incompetent. For a single father (divorced or widower), doesn’t he supposed to have the same privilege? He becomes a father and a mother at the same time. Whose educating his children, if he doesn’t get the same privilege? Where is equality for males in this case?

If this is the price of emancipation and equality, I would rather not have those privileges then loosing my voice, mind, and conscious. Lots of females struggled to fight for it and becomes inspiration to others. Females are being spoiled with ‘things that makes her life easier’, but behind that it is vague. To respect or disrespect females.

PS: I know in my previous post, I gave the new cabinet a very high compliment for having lots of females. Won’t take it back, but questioning now.


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