toast to Kim Kardashian

Journal 40

So… there are several things happening in social media and also Indonesia at the moment.

1. First time ever president of Indonesia deliver a speech with a power point. I was… stunned. Feels like watching a business man instead of a president. It’s not wrong, it’s fresh actually. Feels like seeing my self talking about Micromine in an exhibition or seminar.

2. Kim Kardashian oily as* on Paper Magazine in social media that goes viral. I was… stunned as well. When I saw it, my jaw dropped. That is a fine huge as*. I, seriously, want to touch it.

3. FPI (Islam Defender Front) feud with Jakarta’s appointed governor. This has been going on for quite sometimes, and the issue has been seriously developed into a chaos. Apparently FPI is not registered legally, therefore Defense and Regulation Department can not dismiss the group.

But as a normal human being, Kim Kardashian is my top priority. So.. I was having drinks at my fav bar while waiting for a friend and scrolling my instagram. Yes.. I am following Kim Kardashian, please.. no judgement (hahaha…). I stopped at a picture where she faced the wall with her head turn back and dressed as the iconic Audrey Hepburn minus the clothes with #BreakTheInternet. I didn’t know what to say. The one thing that lingered in my head at that time was how does it feel if I touched it. Is it going to be bouncy or..?

Then as usual, my fav part of every post in the internet is the comment section. Some adore her, some hate her. There are some comments that’s got my attention and it’s about being exposing of her sexuality while she is also a mother. I don’t really see the connection of exposing your sexuality and being a mother. The way I see it, Kim K. is really comfortable with her skin even after having North. Which not really happen with a lot of women. She knows her body very well and embrace it.

There was another picture where she put a glass of champagne on her bu**. So.. just because she’s a mother, she can’t have a glass of champagne and being sexy at the same time? I would like to have a glass of champagne and feeling very sexy just because I am a mother one day. Why can’t I be? Why can’t all women be? Why can’t other women let other women feel very comfortable about themselves? I am very sorry, but to have that thought is too outdated. Loving every part of your body will have your inner self out. And of course, you can celebrate it as you like. But again, there’s a thin line between celebrating it and pornography. In Kim’s case, I don’t see any pornography…at all.

After all of the buzz of Kim’s naked body being flaunted in Social Media, I found an interesting article about the pictures. Somehow it is related to racism in late 1700 and early 1800, please refer to the link below.

Kim Kardashian doesn't realize she's the butt of an old racial joke


The story of Saartjie Bartman’s life with her large buttock being the center of sexual jokes object in a freakshow. Apparently the photographer is trying to re-create his old portfolio and Kim K. seems to be is the right object. His previous similar photo of his was titled Jungle Fever. After reading the first article, somehow it daunted me that the picture is not just a picture. It is actually so deeper than that. Commemoration of racism, if one realizes it. And yes, the joke is on Kim.

But I am pretty sure not too many would realize it, so sexuality will still be the main issue from the picture. Without having any heavy issue, for me, those pictures are the best I’ve seen on Kim K. And it is not wrong to be very comfortable with your body, loving every inch of it, and celebrates it.



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