The Working Cabinet Women

Journal 38

There are 8 women in Indonesia’s Working Cabinet. First time in Indonesia to have quite numbers of women in The Ministry. I was surprised when heard President Jokowi announced it. 8 women… that is a very big number to have lines of women in a very critical position, although there are also several names whom I thought questionable. 2 women interest me the most are Foreign Affair and Maritime Affairs and Fishery Minister.

The next lines, I portray a woman as a female. The first female Foreign Affair Minister that Indonesia has ever had. I always admire Marty Natalegawa as Foreign Affair Minister due to his movement, especially on issue regarding Australia’s espionage (although I do think that he could be a little more firm with them). Needs a very strong and firm female to be in a position to determine one’s country political position and stabilization in the world. US has Rice until Clinton to prove the world their position. Both has different focus (I am still a fan of Transformational Diplomacy) but still manage their position (and of course, their country) in the world, both also named as most influential female in the world.

In Asia, several names such are Yoriko Kawaguchi, Gloria Aroyyo, etc. But no one made it far as Indira Gandhi. Now an Indonesian female made it to the list. Her actions are never known previously, but apparently she is the female behind several multilateral negotiation for EU. She lead the Asia – Europe Meeting and also East Asia and Latin America Forum. The forum and meeting are both discussing about economy, politic, defense strategy and cooperation, education and also, of course, culture.

It’s very exciting to see what kind of strategy that she will use in the next 5 years. Will she be will powered and not being unsure, because she’s replacing her boss. She said in an interview that her strategy won’t be much different than her boss, but she was stressing on people’s politic. She hasn’t release her plans out yet. Her picture in my mind right now is a strong, firm, and also cunning (in a good way.. although unlikely it has a very good meaning).

The other female that’s quite made a huge fuss through out the nation is Susi Pudjiastuti. I have my own admiration for Bu Susi as a business-woman. When she was announced as Maritime Affair and Fishery, there were 2 things that came up to me:
1. She’s professional and never in her life working inside bureaucracy.
2. Her educational back-ground that would lead a fuss over the nation. And it did.

But only after 3 days of her announcement as Minister, she is starting her role already with business attitude spices. She lead her first meeting as public official with unusual gesture to other public official. She refused all of nonsense bureaucracy and change it with action instead of reaction. As Desi Anwar called her no-nonsense attitude, non-conformist style and down-to-earth demeanor attitude as ‘wow factors’, meanwhile I would refer it as ‘finally, someone is here to work’. Just with-in a week, she shuts down most negative comments, but gain more, with her action.

Although there are some women from the cabinet is still questionable, I don’t really disappointed. Some women are showing that the work is starting already and, just like the leader, apparently seeing live for yourself is still their way to see the issue and manage solutions. These women has not yet showed their equality in strength and knowledge, but their position has shown a stage where strength and knowledge are needed.

PS: Pretty sure that Kartini is looking down on earth and put a very big smile. :).


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