Journal 37

Journal 37

So… there I was in the waiting room, waiting to be called by the nurse to meet my new ObGyn. If only my previous doctor didn’t decide to quit her job for marriage, I wouldn’t be here. She was probably the coolest ObGyn I had ever met. Surrounded by pregnant women with their husband, tried to keep myself busy with gadgets and smiling to running around children. One by one as those pregnant women and their husband passed me by, as usual, I always get a look. They’re jealous, those women, of me… cause I get to wear heels (or at least I put that thought in my mind).

When the nurse called my name, I walked from my seat to the doctor’s room. He asked what’s my purpose, I simply answered, routine check up. So.. USG, passed that. Then as SOP and digging information, of course he needed to ask my marital status, pull stop. He advised me to get cervical vaccine, I said yes. Why not.

I told him that I would also want to get a pap smear, because it had been quite sometimes. He looked at me… and stated (or asked or convinced him self), but you’re not married yet. There it was again… that look. I informed him that although not sexually active, but yes.. I am having sex. Hence my visit to the ObGyn. And again, he stared at me.

Arranged my next vaccine and pap smear for the next month, I couldn’t push him to do it at that moment. As I walked out of the room, a thought came across. Even a stranger had a hard time to digest my life. I wonder if the life that I have been living for the last decade being informed to my family or people surround me, what would their reaction be? I have thoughts actually… but do they going to see me?


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