How to contact me.

Journal 13

If I can’t be reached via telephone, then don’t forget to leave a message in my voice mesage. I’ll definitely call you back if I ever got home right on time. But wait, I don’t have that anymore. How about reaching my cellphone? If it’s out of range or didn’t get through, then text me. Usually when in a meeting, I turn my phone into silent mode. But I let the led lamp lights, so I know when you text me. If I’m able to read it, I will.

But if somehow I haven’t replied your text or call, facebook me. Yes, I have two o-so-smart phones. But, the other one is only for emails and social media, not conversation. I definitely wont’t tell you that number. But I don’treally use facebook other than to upload lots of pictures and farmville. Please find me through the path then. It has messenger as well you know. But path somehow needs a very good internet connection, so it might take sometimes. Especially when I forget to do top ups to increase my internet capacity. So, what’s app? Or be in line if you want to be dramatic. Somehow if those chatty ways still can’t get me to you, tweet!

If those ways still can’t get through me, well… don’t you just miss having one number to be dialed or one way to be contacted and wait for the other person to call you back with the excitement? I do.


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