Let’s get cheesy

Journal 8

So, what did you guys do on Valentine’s day? As for me, I asked someone that I’m cozy-ing with at the moment to cook. Surprisingly, he did that with a twist. I mean sex and the city was included. I can say my valentine’s day was not so bad at all. Last year, spent it with my office’s girls. We treated ourselves in a fancy place and dish all of the lovey dovey couples that were in. Well, not being hypocrite, we did dish ourselves, the single ones of course, after it.

Let’s call the person that I’m getting cozy at the moment with Gaia (we all know that is not his real name and I’m using it just to keep things anonymous). He was actually quite surprised about me being so excited about a thing called valentine. According to him it’s a christian thing and I am not a christian. I told him that the euphoria that gets me excited and don’t really see it from a religion point of view. I mean, come on… pink, flowers, butterflies and balloon on a day of a year with all the cheesiest thing you can ever find. You have to give credit to whomever creates the euphoria from the first place. Sometimes there are restaurants in Jakarta that gives special discounts or chocolates or even a bottle of wine for free to a couple on Valentine’s.

I don’t see valentine’s day as a religious thing or connected to a religion. Though yes.. Saint Valentine was a priest in the roman era (not to mention that there are lots of Saint Valentines). Back then Christianity was a subject of persecution and discrimination. But what he did was what make the whole world commemorates it. How he was brave enough to perform a matrimonial event to a couple though marriage back then was forbidden.

Gaia is in the right pattern to think that it’s a Christian event. So does some of my friends whom are not Christian. They do not celebrate Valentine due to the same reason. It’s basically back to own’s opinion about something. As in for me, I choose to be excited in the euphoria by wearing pink outfit or dinner with girl friends (if am single at the time) or having dinner with a certain person or buy a chocolate and give it to my mum. Just like birthday, you choose one day to get excited for getting older while actually you are every day.

The rose is red, violet is blue
Honey is sweet, not as sweet as you
Thou art my love and I am thine
I drew thee to my valentine
The lot was cast and then I drew
The fortune said, it should be you

Happy Valentine ;).


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